Prisma CRRT System Technical Training Course Outline

The intent of this class is to provide the student with the skills to operate, calibrate and troubleshoot the Prisma CRRT system.

  • Understand and differentiate between the five available therapies
  • Becoming familiar with information in the Service and Operator's Manuals
  • Use the Custom and Run Modes to configure and modify the Prisma User Controllable Settings
  • Access and use the Service and Diagnostic screens
  • Access and use the Test Mode
  • Software Description
  • Perform a simulated patient treatment using the Test Mode
  • Calibrating the scales and pressure transducers and set the clock/calendar
  • Perform a preventative maintenance procedure
  • Troubleshoot problems related to the Prisma system using the Service and Diagnostic screens and the Service Manual

The class does not have any written quizzes, but one final exam. However, students are monitored for hands on skills and class participation.

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