Molecular Adsorbent Recirculating System

The MARS® system removes protein-bound and water-soluble toxins with albumin dialysis. This enhances the regeneration of liver cells and reduces plasma toxins.

The MARS system combines the efficacy of sorbents to remove albumin-bound toxins with the high selectivity of highly biocompatible dialysis membranes. In this way, common dialysis or CRRT machines can be expanded into a modern system for liver support therapy.

The blood of the extracorporeal circuit runs through the fibers of the MARS® FLUX dialyzer. Water-soluble and protein-bound toxins in the blood can pass through the membrane due to the albumin dialysate on the other side. The now toxin-enriched albumin solution is then passed through another dialyzer to remove water-soluble toxins. Albumin-bound toxins are removed in the two adsorber cartridges, one filled with activated charcoal, the other with an anion exchanger. The regenerated albumin solution is then ready for new uptake of toxins from the blood.

 In the US, the MARS® system is cleared for use in the treatment of drug overdose and poisonings only.  It is not indicated in the US for the treatment of chronic liver conditions or as a bridge to liver transplant.

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