Baxter International Inc.’s acquisition of Gambro AB is complete

This transaction unites two companies with strong histories of product innovation and a shared commitment to advancing therapeutic options for dialysis and intensive care patients globally. The completion of the acquisition marks the beginning for the integration of Baxter and Gambro.

We are committed to seamlessly integrating the businesses and continuing to provide you with the highest level of service, support and quality that you expect from us. In the meantime, please continue to work with your existing Baxter sales and customer support contacts for questions regarding Baxter products and your existing Gambro sales, service and customer support contacts for Gambro products.

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Baxter website

Gambro AB (including all direct and indirect subsidiaries) is now part of Baxter International Inc.

Baxter website

For the latest news go to the Baxter press room

Baxter press room

Welcome to the new IQD™ resource site for healthcare professionals

Here you’ll discover an extensive amount of information based on the latest clinical evidence providing new insights into chronic hemodialysis care. The IQD approach gives you the confidence that the HD session is easily and effectively delivered while making better use of the clinic’s resources.

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Chronic care

Polyflux - the dialyzer you can always rely on

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Acute Care

The leader in blood purification therapies in the hospital setting.

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Myeloma Kidney Therapy

A therapy for myeloma kidney patients is now available. Thanks to the emergence of an innovative, new technology from Gambro.

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Dialysis Fluid Containing Citrate

SelectBag® Citrate is a unique citrate-containing, acetate-free concentrate developed by Gambro for regular hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration treatments.

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CRRT Counts is a dedicated resource for news, published articles and thought leadership on CRRT

In this 10-minute interview, Dr. Clark and Dr. Bagshaw discuss a recent study that explores the connection between Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) modality choice and long-term dialysis dependence.

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Gambro major contributor to new book about dialysis

Many of the most renowned names in the dialysis community collected their wisdom and thoughts in a new book, “Dialysis – History, Development and Promise”.

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Gambro in Brief

Gambro is a global medical technology company and a leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying products and therapies for Kidney and Liver dialysis, Myeloma Kidney Therapy, and other extracorporeal therapies for Chronic and Acute patients.

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Working at Gambro

Our work can be challenging, but our employees are rewarded with the benefits of working for a successful global company, and the knowledge that they contribute to improving people’s lives every day.

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Contact Us

We have offices & representatives in over 100 countries. Please select your nearest location in the 'Contact Us' section, and we will be happy to assist you!

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